Welcome to Love My Human Townhouse

We are the creators of Love My Human 308 King’s Road Chelsea London, which began as a modern pet boutique and luxury groomer in May 2018. Our business has grown and developed organically, and we have loved every minute of it whilst also building a fantastic rapport and earning the trust of our human and dog clients alike. 

As a natural progression from Love My Human, we are delighted to announce the opening of Love My Human Townhouse, just a stone’s throw away from our flagship London store.

Just like our flagship store, LMH Townhouse is beautifully designed with the comfort of your dog at the forefront of our design decision making. Love My Human Townhouse offers positive and essential services for the benefit and overall wellbeing of dogs.

Our ethos is to support dogs, and in doing so, helping them to have a long, enjoyable, and fruitful life, whilst also enriching the lives of their human parents.




Lilo Ask-Henriksen is a Veterinary Nurse, Nutritionist and Laser Therapist from Norway, living in London. Having spent the past 8 years specialising in nutrition and laser therapy, Lilo believes in a natural and holistic approach where possible. Lilo treats a variety of issues from post-surgery rehabilitation to maintenance of mobility, animals with arthritic problems, sore or injured muscles, skin conditions and allergies just to name a few.

Hayley Miller runs Paws and Restore Canine Massage. She is based in Twickenham, and offers clinical canine massage therapy service in the comfort of your own home. Hayley has studied canine anatomy and physiology, four specific massage disciplines with over 50 techniques, including the trade-marked Lenton Method, to improve your dog’s condition, and have also completed over 800 hours of practical work over two years. 

Broadcaster, Nutrition and Behaviour expert. Anna Webb contributes to TV and Radio nationally including BBC Radio London’s ‘The Barking Hour’. As a pet expert, I’ve contributed to ITV1’s Titchmarsh show, Channel 5’s Gabby Logan show, and SKY1’s ‘dogumentary’ A Different Breed. In my Podcast, A Dog’s Life, I investigate all aspects of modern dog ownership, bringing to life why every dog is extraordinary, talking to scientists and experts who have changed, and are changing, our understanding of dogs.

Brodie is a veterinary chiropractor who works on dogs of all breeds and ages. She founded her company Animals Aligned three years ago and has since been practising and treating dogs in many areas of London. Chiropractic care can help to improve joint injuries, myofacial tension, mobility/gait and stiffness caused by arthritic change. It is also advised for dogs to have regular  maintenance treatments as it helps to prevent tension from building in the spine and reduce compensation and the risk of injury. 



Our LMH deli is stocked with our own range of home baked doggie treats and biscuits.

They sit side by side with a wide range of some of the best dog treats and food brands.

We also have a grab and go doggie ice cream fridge as well.